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Bootstrap HTML Responsive Templates(Company Introduction) V 0.11 | Ebubekir Bastama

Good day friends

In this article, I would like to talk about the 10th theme of the Responsive html theme project, a new work for you. I told you that I will publish single-page Html Responsive designs for Web Designers to be useful. Health & Clinic promotion design has been made for the designs to be available in this design. If you like these designs, please remember to share this page link in your social media accounts.

If you want to add an additional design, you can make a reasonable change by communicating. Let's first explain the terms Responsive and Boostrap.

Boostrap is here to learn more.

What is responsive design?

Lately, many people are looking for a mobile version of their website. Now, we will try to keep you informed about the Responsive design, which is one of the most convenient ways to prepare web projects for almost everyone's mobile devices. what is responsive design, what is good, what should be paid attention, advantages / disadvantages for web project etc. We will put on the positions in the form of.

Basically responsive design; A design will adapt to different screen resolutions. As an example, the design of a responsive web site will look different on a desktop computer, but the screen size will look different on a smaller mobile device. Here, thanks to innovations coming with CSS3, the same page is reshaping if you look at different resolutions. For better visual appeal, you can observe that the browser on which our web site resides is responding well by playing with the dimensions. As you narrow down the browser, you'll first notice that tablets are then on the same page as a smartphone-compatible design.

Thanks to Responsive design, desktop, tablet and smart phone can be designed in a platform independent manner. When the mobilden is placed on the site, the design changes, it becomes smaller when it is touched to fit into the men's phones, and when the fonts are touched, the fonts become readable without enlarging the images and the images are gently stretched to the screen resolution. Frame and other elements also change according to resolution. Some modules hidden in the actual design are hidden if necessary.

It is important to know the screen resolutions of different devices here. Usually;

1024px for Desktop, Notebook and over

768px - 1023px for tablets

Horizontal designs of smartphones and some tablets. 480px - 767px

For smartphones: 479px and below

These resolutions are for gore css file, for example 480px or less;

@media screen and (max-width: 480px)

By writing the code, the css file is edited for this resolution.

Also for the responsive of the page

whatever the code is, it must be between the head tags.

Thanks to Responsive design, there is no need to create a separate subdomain or mobile site in virtual directory. You do not have to show any path to follow. The need for a separate URL is an advantage for search engine performance. Url structure and site indexing become even easier than creating a mobile site.

Reponsive design does not require you to have different web sites for different platforms. Cost is lower, construction is easier. It takes less time to maintain, update and develop.

Now let's come to our design squares:

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